Sleepy All the Time: What Sleep Apnea and Narcolepsy Feel Like

Sleep apnea and Narcolepsy might be the reason why you are so sleepy all the time. The problem is that not many people know about these diseases and that it is a real medical disease. Yes, you can be sleepy all the time, just because you are going out all night. We don’t talk about that sleepiness. We are talking about those people that are feeling tired all the time, even if they are getting enough sleep. Here are some facts and information about what sleep apnea and narcolepsy feel like.

No matter what, you are always sleepy

The main thing that you will experience, is you are always going to be tired. No matter how much sleep you are getting each night. You even might sleep for 12 hours, but you will still wake up tired and really not in the mood for work.

You can watch your favorite movie, might even going out for dinner and having a great time. But, you are feeling sleepy and tired. This isn’t normal and if you don’t have a diagnose already you should get tested for narcolepsy. You might be struggling with this disease that let you not get enough sleep.

You can’t get through the day, you don’t have energy left

When you have sleep apnea, you will feel that the day is long. And, your energy is running out fast. You can’t even make it to lunchtime before you can take a break and to take a nap. Even, if your car. After a day at the office, you are more tired than the normal person. You don’t have any energy left. Not even to make food or to eat properly.

All that you want to do is to sleep. You really feel like sleep is the one thing that is keeping you a hostage. So that you can’t enjoy life, without feeling sleepy all the time.

Getting up in the morning is always a struggle

Getting up in the morning and getting ready for work is almost impossible. You are standing up hours before the rest of the home, but still, you aren’t done when it is time for work. This is because you are struggling to get awake and to be able to get ready for work. This is how most people feel when they are suffering from sleep apnea.

You even might snooze your alarm three to four times, before you are getting up and ready for work. You are at work, and still, it feels like you are awake for days without getting any sleep.

There are a couple of diseases that are letting you feel tired. Not the normal tired because of you party late the previous night. Tired, like in dead tired. No matter how many hours you are sleeping. When you are feeling this way, and these are feeling familiar, it is best to go see your doctor. You might be struggling with sleep apnea or narcolepsy without you knowing it.…

Sleep Apnea Treatment Options

There are different ways to treat this sleep disorder. Sleep apnea causes chronic sleep deprivation caused by periodic respiratory depression, which can take more than 10 seconds and can occur up to 50 times per hour. If you think or know that you have trouble sleeping, you need to know what treatment options are available.

Sleep Apnea Treatment for OSA

Therapy; There are several sleep apnea machines available to treat OSA. One of the treatment options is Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Therapy or CPAP. A mask which is hooked to a machine that supplies air under constant pressure is worn over the mouth and nose while sleeping. Positive air pressure is utilised to keep the user’s airways open. This, however, may bring discomfort to some people because the user must exhale against the air pressure supplied by the sleep apnea CPAP machine.

Another treatment option is a BIPAP or bi-level adjustable airway pressure device. This device automatically adjusts the machine’s air pressure while exhaling. More air pressure is provided when inhaling and less when exhaling making it easier to exhale for many users.

Oral appliances can also be worn to treat OSA. They can also be utilized as stop snoring devices. These devices can keep the throat open by helping to keep the jaw and tongue in proper alignment when lying down. These are easier to use than the Continuous Positive Airway Pressure and BI-Level Positive Airway machines, but the latter is often more effective.


Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty is one type of surgical option where tissues around the back of the mouth and the top of the throat are removed to help open the air passages that can cause restriction. Maxillomandibular Advancement (MMA) or orthognathic surgery is a procedure where the jaw is moved forward away from the other facial bones also to open the airways. MMA is sometimes performed in conjunction with Genioglossus advancement which pulls the base of the tongue forward. While these procedures have proven to be very effective in treating OSA, other treatment options are usually attempted first due to the pain and recovery periods associated with these surgeries.

Another effective sleep apnea treatment is the Pillar Procedure. It is a minor surgical procedure, often performed in a doctor’s office under local anaesthetic. Small polyester rods are inserted into the soft palate. This helps to stiffen the palate thereby preventing the vibrations that contribute to sleep apnea and snoring. It does not require the removal of any soft palate tissue. Consequently, the recovery period is much faster with less negative side effects. A tracheostomy is the last resort for treatment because this involves making an opening in the front of the throat and inserting a breathing tube, thereby bypassing the mouth and nasal passages to ease the disorder.

Sleep Apnea Treatment for CSA

Therapy; CSA may be due to other health problems such as heart failure and stroke, so it is necessary to treat the first effective treatment of sleep disorders. As with all health conditions, it is important to firstly determine the cause. When diagnosed, the treatment of related health problems is an important step in your treatment.


Sleep apnea is a serious illness that causes the suffering of millions of people. The social consequences of snoring are due to loss of productivity due to lack of sleep and occupational accidents caused by lack of concentration and driver falling asleep, costs associated with sleep apnea billions of dollars Fortunately people do not have to suffer in vain.…

Get Informed on Sleeping Disorders


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Useful Information Regarding the Sleep Disorder Symptoms

Ways Sleep Apnea Can Hurt Your Health

There are many people that don’t know that they are struggling with sleep apnea. And, this can become really dangerous. This is because there are many ways that this problem can hurt your health. It can have effects on your health in the long run that can make life really difficult. Here are a couple of ways that sleep apnea can hurt your health that you need to know about, so that you can know the dangers of having this apnea without getting any assistance:

High blood pressure

If you don’t struggle with blood pressure, this doesn’t mean that you will not get high blood pressure if you are starting to struggle with sleep apnea. And, if you have already high blood pressure, it can even get worse and makes the risks so much higher.

One thing that we know is that high blood pressure can be dangerous and can really cause some serious illnesses or even lead to death. And, if you don’t manage your blood pressure and your apnea, it makes the risk so much higher.

Cardiovascular diseases

Cardiovascular diseases might not be the immediate result of sleep apnea, but because of the high blood pressure that you are struggling with, because of apnea.

Cardiovascular diseases can be deadly and can change your life forever. Especially, if you didn’t realize that you have a risk to a stroke or heart attack. People that are a high risk to cardiovascular diseases that start to struggle with sleep apnea, have a higher risk of struggling with heart problems. Cardiovascular diseases and sleep apnea can be deadly if you don’t get it treated.See here

Struggling to lose weight

If you are overweight and you are trying to lose some weight, when you are struggling with sleep apnea, then you might realize that you are going to struggle more to lose the weight.

Because your body isn’t getting enough rest, it might not be working correctly and it can cause to become even more overweight, and not be able to lose weight so easily. This can lead to diabetes if you left the apnea untreated.

Higher chance of getting into a car accident

This might not be a health risk, but this can become seriously dangerous for you and your family. If you are tired because of sleep apnea, you are not going to be able to concentrate on the road. This can lead to a higher chance of car accidents. And, this also means that you are not only putting your own family at risk but the other families on the road as well.

Sleep apnea can become really serious if you left it untreated. There are a large number of health problems and risks that you might encounter when you are struggling with apnea. There is treatment available for this type of problem, but first you need to realize that you might have this problem. There are too many people that don’t even realize that they are struggling with sleep apnea and that they are damaging and influencing their health. See more this site:

Get Informed on Sleeping Disorders

Get Informed on Sleeping Disorders

The information and facts available to people about sleeping disorders, or anything similar, is vast so it is worth digging a little into this subject to understand it better so that you, or those you love, know exactly how you can handle this kind of problem. There seems to be no end to the research and information on this area and so there is no excuse for people not to be well informed on the topic.

It may surprise you to know there is more than one kind of sleeping disorder that people suffer from and it is vital to keep this fact in mind. Sleep paralysis, sleepwalking, sleep apnea, delayed sleep phase syndrome, shift work sleep disorder and sleep eating are some of them, along with night terrors, periodic limb movement disorder, hypopnea syndrome, parasomnias, bruxism, rapid eye movement behavior disorder, narcolepsy, restless leg disorder, and the better-known jet lag or insomnia.

Get Informed on Sleeping Disorders

To help with your overall understanding of these types of disorders, it helps to understand what some of the physical manifestations of the more common sleep problems are. If we look at the commonly known insomnia, this is when someone struggles to fall asleep or stay asleep and his or her general quality of rest is greatly disrupted. Causes of insomnia are wide and varied including anxiety and stress, emotional problems or disturbances, and nerves. Putting on weight can actually contribute to insomnia as well, as can an over stimulated mind. We tend to think of anything that causes insomnia as being a bad thing; however, this isn’t always the case because just being excited about something can also disrupt your quality of sleep.

People who either grind or clench their teeth while they are asleep are also classified under sleeping disorders and this particular problem is known as bruxism. Some of the side effects are chipped teeth and even more serious damage such as fractures in the enamel and a general wearing down of the mouth. Bruxism can take quite a while for the suffer to notice and by the time it is diagnosed, most often their mouths have suffered quite some damage and they need some dental work done.

A more dangerous sleep disorder is when the breathing channel or flow of oxygen to the lungs is disrupted during sleep, and this is classified as sleep apnea. The actual missed breaths are known as apneas, and some people can miss significant moments of breathing when they have this problem. More commonly what causes the sleep apnea are obstructions in the nose, as a result of coughs and chest infections, inflamed throats, and even swollen tonsils, which result from tonsillitis can contribute.

People who battle heavy sleepiness through the day light hours are usually suffering with a disorder called narcolepsy, and this is actually a neurological problem. You can diagnose a sufferer of narcolepsy if he suffers any of the following: sleep paralysis, automatic behavior, cataplexy or hypnagogic hallucinations.

Learn more details about sleeping disorder in our next article, or you can simply visit this link here.

Sleep Apnea - One of Many Sleep Disorders

Sleep Apnea – One of Many Sleep Disorders

There are quite a few forms of chronic sleep disorders. You could be suffering with one or more of them and don’t realize it. Read more here.One of several primary symptoms associated with a sleep disorder is usually stumbling out of bed following seven to eight hours of slumber but not feeling refreshed and not as aware as you ought to all through the course of the day. This isn’t natural and it isn’t necessary to be distressed and feel this way. It may be because of a lack of quality sleep which is thought to be a medical related sleep disorder or other related medical problem for which there are usually treatment options.

Many chronic sleep disorders can be decreased through beginning a few more effective sleep routines. These behaviors are usually relatively easy to put to practice. They incorporate such items like cutting out alcohol or caffeine and not having a large supper as well as avoid doing strenuous exercises right before sleeping. Confine mid-day naps to 10 or 15 minutes at the most. There are many mental tensions that can lead to short-term interruptions in a regular sleeping pattern for instance corporate work deadlines, examinations, spousal relationship problems and more.

Among the kinds of chronic sleep disorders is sleep apnea. The Greek word for “apnea” indicates “without breath.” Sleep apnea is often characterized by a spouse increasingly being awakened by your loud snores and recognizing that you’re not necessarily breathing as well. This specific lapse in breathing could possibly last ten seconds and sometimes close to thirty seconds or longer. At the conclusion of each period you commence breathing once again with a significant gasp. This issue will quite regularly repeat itself several times through the night.

Sleep Apnea - One of Many Sleep Disorders

Sleep apnea impacts millions of Americans, generally overweight males over the age of forty. This kind of chronic sleep disorder carries many risk factors for example a couple of kinds of cardiovascular diseases, memory lapses, weight gain, impotency and headaches. There may be very good news though, once recognized sleep apnea is generally treated quite successfully. There are three types of sleep apnea, obstructive (OSA) and central (CSA) and mixed.

Among this category of chronic sleep disorders obstructive (OSA) is the most typical. What transpires during these episodes is that the throat shuts while in sleep, hindering the flow of oxygen to your lungs. When the oxygen rates get way too low the brain will get the signal to wake and take in air.

Less typical is central sleep apnea also referred to CSA which usually accounts for only 10% of the incidents. This happens as a consequence of the brain’s failing to deliver the sign to breathe. This can be resulting from a heart or neurological issue. If someone suffers from a combo of those two situations it can be referred to as “mixed.”

Should you be worried that they might be going through this form of chronic sleep disorder it really is essential to tell your family medical doctor as soon as possible to find a positive examination. The most common protocols are usually physical or mechanical therapy, surgery or other non-specific kind of treatment. The best treatment method for your particular form of sleep apnea would be decided after lab work and physical exams to establish what is causing it. Generally you’ll be required to possibly be checked at a sleep clinic to determine how severe the situation may be.For more help visit


Useful Information Regarding the Sleep Disorder Symptoms

Useful Information Regarding the Sleep Disorder Symptoms

Sleep disorder is referred to the abnormal sleeping pattern of an individual. It can affect the normal life of person which affects the mental, physical and emotional conditions. The patient undergoes polysomnography to test if he or she has sleep disorder symptoms that needs to be treated.For more details read our article

Sleeping in the right period of time tends to recuperate and rest the person’s body and mind. When sleeping, the brain is regarding itself and rest itself and wakes up for a new day of activities. There are many factors and situations with regards to the sleep problems; it can lead the person to unhealthy status and decline of the person’s health.

Insomnia is one of the sleep problems that involve the individuals who cannot sleep at all. This occurs during the night when people are about to sleep but suddenly it will keep you awake and cannot fall into sleep. However you can sleep but for just a limited time and then keeps you awake all night. This sleep disorder can effect on health even though tired of everyday activities but still it keeps you awake. Many people are just ignoring this, but they don’t know that with constant sleeping disorder can cause serious damage to your body and can kill anyone. There are lots of treatments to this sleep problems and it is really a must to take it as early as you can in order to avoid more serious damage to your body.

Useful Information Regarding the Sleep Disorder Symptoms

Sleep apnea or obstructive sleeping is one of the common factors of sleep disorder not only on the affected person but on the partner of the person who has sleep apnea. It is a condition of a person that he or she cannot be able to breath normally when sleeping because the airways is blocked and small amount of air passes through. Obstructive sleep apnea is sleeping but the person who suffers is not aware of this but usually the partner on the bed notice it and can lead to disruptions of the other sleeping. The central sleep apnea is more risky; it forgets to breathe when in the state of sleeping and is very dangerous. This sleep disorder can lead to poor sleeping and affect health condition.

Another factor is the Narcolepsy and this disorder occurs when the person tends to sleep in no time especially during the daylight. That is why the person cannot sleep during the night which is the regular sleeping time. There is no exact explanation that the narcolepsy exists but there is some treatment that is essential for curing the narcolepsy. For more detail and help continue reading here.

The night terrors usually occur on children and this is a serious sleeping disorder. This is also experienced by some adults. This is the effect of nightmares and also fears on some instances that leads into the night terrors. The person has it quickly wakes up, screaming and looking air to breath then he or she cannot be able to sleep again unless he is accompanied by another person to be able to feel comfort.…